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Primecolours watercolours offers high quality vivid pigments in the portability and convenience of a pan palette. Water-soluble, these rich colours are transparent, matte and deliver clean colour mixing. Each block measures 30mm x 25mm and are 11mm thick – making them long-lasting and ideal for the classroom. Compact and durable these dry firm watercolours are housed in a sturdy metal tin, making them ideal for plein air and easy storage. No preparation is required, and best of all there’s minimal waste and mess!

This excellent selection of 18 artist colours includes White, Deep Black, Lemon Yellow, Gamboge, Magenta, Crimson, Vermilion, Brilliant Red, Lake Blue, Cobalt Blue, Deep Blue, Ultramarine, Purple, Blackish Green, Grass Green, Brilliant Green, Leaf Green and Burnt Umber.

Primecolours Watercolours are designed for watercolour painting, colour mixing and painting explorations.

Painting Set Up: These palettes are suitable for flat or easel painting.

Suitable Surfaces: Primecolours Watercolours can be used on a variety of surfaces. For best results use on watercolour paper, watercolour canvas boards or mixed media paper. Otherwise a thick Cartridge (>110gsm), multipurpose or Mineral Paper are suitable too. You can also use these paints to colour other absorbent surfaces such as cotton/calico (for non-permanent colour), canvas boards, Oz Clay and Magiclay.

Suitable Brushes:  Use with Watercolour Brushes (natural or synthetic hair), Dynamic Brushes and Water fillable brushes.

Tip: Palette colours can be lightly sprayed with water before use to improve workability.