Acetate Sheet 0.2mm 61x100cm Lightweight

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This acetate is great for papercraft, making your own stencils and masks, and for creating shaker cards. Excellent for monoprinting and craft projects. Size: 0.2mm thick

Properties of Acetate

  • Available in 0.2 – 0.5mm thickness – see our Acetate Sheet 0.5mm 61x100cm Heavyweight for dry point etching and projects the require a more robust acetate
  • Easy to cut with scissors or blade, great for stencils
  • Great for craft projects and dioramas
  • Adhere with tape or Supertac glue
  • Can be drawn on with alcohol-based permanent markers or used to make Shaker cards

Printmaking Techniques

Monoprinting: Squeeze the mixture over your surface, do not go to the absolute edge and leave gaps for other colours. This is a fluid process and as you add more paint it will move to the edge of the surface. Despite being level, some paint will always flow off the edge.

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