Blank Canvas Artscool Skinny Essential Painting Pack

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Blank Canvas Artscool Skinny Essential Painting Pack containing

  • Visual Art Diary A4 Hard Cover 128pg 150gsm
  • Micador Acrylic Paints 12ml tubes. 12 colours
  • Plastic Paint Palette Round, Diameter 16.8cm with lid
  • Set of 6 Golden Taklon Brushes 3 Flat & 3 Round. Size 4,8 &12,
  • Hog Hair Bristle Flat Brush Size 12
  • 2 Graphite Pencil (HB, 2B)
  • Charcoal Pencil White
  • Permanent Black Waterproof Pen 0.07mm Nib
  • Double Hole Metal Sharpener

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