Chenille Stems

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Ex Tax: $8.14Price: $8.95Ex Tax: $8.14Price: $8.95Ex Tax: $8.14Price: $8.95Ex Tax: $8.14Price: $8.95
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A variety of packs of Chenille Stems.

1 Giant – 12mm x 30cm Fluffy stems that are thicker than the other stems. Assorted colours.

2 Fluorescent – 6mm x 30cm assorted, bright fluorescent colours.

3 Bumps – 30cm Fluffy and thin shaped assorted colours.

4 Animal Stripes – 6mm x 30cm assorted colours with stripes


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Giant 12mm Asst, Fluoro 6mm 100s, Bumps 30cm Asst 100s, Striped 6mmx30cm 100s