Chroma 2 Student Acrylic Paint

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Ex Tax: $26.90Price: $29.59AU

Ex Tax: $26.90Price: $29.59Ex Tax: $26.90Price: $29.59
  • Ex Tax: $26.90Price: $29.59Ex Tax: $26.90Price: $29.59


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Ex Tax: $26.90Price: $29.59Ex Tax: $26.90Price: $29.59


A densely pigmented creamy paint. Ideal for primary and secondary school classes. Chroma 2 has unique drying properties allowing it to be blended back into dry paint with a brush and can be overprinted without reactivating the dry layer. Available in 14 colours: White, Black, Cool Yellow, Warm Yellow, Honey, Warm Red, Cool Red, Purple, Warm Blue, Cool Blue, Deep Green, Light Green, Brown and Red Oxide.


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2ltr Bottle, 14 Asst 2Ls