Fibre Board Coat Hanger PK 5

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This Fibre Board Coat Hanger is a fun canvas that’s ready for your next craft or seasonal project. This pre cut coat hanger design includes tie and belt hooks which are cut into the frame’s centre. Made from sturdy fibreboard, transfer this Coat Hanger into a personalised keepsake, a practical gift, or use as a fundraising project.

Fibre Board Coat Hangers offer a great surface for collage, papers, paint, permanent markers such as Posca, and Slicks (Paint Sticks). You may choose to paint with gesso to create a white background. Complete and protect the design by sealing with Mod Podge or Viponds Acrylic Glaze. Once decorated, Fibre Board Coat Hangers make an excellent gift for Father’s Day, Mothers Day, Christmas and Birthday celebrations.

Fibre Board Coat Hangers:

  • Pack of 5 pieces
  • Made from fibre board
  • Size: 39.6cm x 17cm and is 3mm thick
  • Colour: Natural Kraft brown