Pendant Cabochon Setting 33 x 23mm 30s Silver

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This Antique Silver, Pendant Cabochon Setting is a fun and simple jewellery making activity that’s ready to be turned into a personalised necklace! This wearable art project can be tailored to suit all ages and abilities, and is ready to decorate as a miniature canvas for collage, painting, mixed media, textiles and modelling. The results are impressive!

A two-piece setting, this Silver Pendant is rectangular in shape and measures 33 x 23 mm and comes with a glass cabochon that’s ready to fit.

Once pendant is decorated, cover and secure the glass cabochon in place with Mod Podge – don’t worry, the Mod Podge will dry clear!  To finish, thread the Silver Pendant Cabochon Setting onto a Silver Ball Chain (with Clasp) or a piece of leather string.

These pendants make great keepsakes, jewellery pieces, gifts, and are suitable for fundraising stalls.

This pack includes 30 pairs (30 x Silver Rectangle Pendants and 30 Clear Glass Cabochons)