Pre-Stuffed Calico Round Bauble PK 10

Product Code: MT103

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This Pre-Stuffed Calico Round Bauble 10s is a ready to decorate starting point, perfect for textile, classroom, display, themed keepsake or fundraising projects. Create a unique bauble for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter or Birthday.

  • Size bauble: 10cm Diameter
  • Includes Jute Hanger (sewn in)
  • Pre-sewn and filled with polyester filling
  • Pack of 10

How to use or decorate the Pre-Stuffed Calico Round Bauble… a few ideas include:

  • Bauble can be stitched into using threads, yarns and wool. Explore with a variety of decorative or embroidery stitches.
  • Embellish with buttons, charms, ribbons, bells, joggle eyes, fabric shapes/designs etc.
  • The bauble’s surface can easily be decorated with Slicks, EverZart Pens, acrylic or watercolour paint, fabric and water based markers, and surface decorations materials such as Tulip Stick Dimensional Magic, puff paint, Kindy Glitz etc.
  • Iron-on transfer sheets assorted or glitter