Wide Flat Brush 50mm 12’s

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hese multipurpose Wide Flat Brushes are ideal for large areas. Its natural hog hair bristle is thick, stiff and course making it suitable for both acrylic and oil paint, and for applying gesso, glue, primer, varnish or layering grounds. This brush is 50mm wide, and the squared off filaments are 40mm long.

These wide brushes have a 15cm flat wooden handle, which have been varnished and tapered for easy grip and control. The crimps and studs on the flattened aluminium ferrule provide this Wide Flat Brush with additional strength and durability.

For best results use the brush damp which will reduce the stroke marks.

The pack includes 12 Brushes

 To clean: wipe off excess adhesive and wash in cold water. When washing make sure adhesive is removed from the inner outer bristles, ferrule and handle. Rinse well and repeat the process!

Reshape bristles when damp and remove any excess moisture. Store brush upright or lying flat to avoid hair damage (never in a sealed container). Do not leave soaking in water for extended periods as this cause the handle to crack. Never wash in hot water, as this will dissolve the glue holding the hair in place.