Street Paint Marker PK 12 White

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Street Paint Marker 12s White can create, colour and cover everything! This quality paint marker allows the artist to write and draw on all surfaces, including cardboard, paper, metal, wood, plastic, glass, fabric, stones, etc. Just try it! Street Paint Markers contain strong pigmented paint ink, delivering excellent opaque coverage and durability. Best of all, they are sun proof and waterproof.

Street Paint Markers offer the artist affordable, reliable and long-lasting bold coverage without artistic compromise! This quick drying, water-based pigmented ink marker is perfect for students, hobbyists and professional artists.

  • Bullet nib: 4mm
  • 12 white
  • Includes a hard case for easy storage

Before use:

  • Shake the pen holder upward
  • Press the tip down continuously until the ink oozes out
  • Do not squeeze or push the tip of the pen when using
  • Please cover the pen cap after use