Wooden Australian Gum Hangers Pack of 18

Product Code: WP203

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This great assortment of Wooden Australian Gum Hangers is a fun way to celebrate our unique Australian Flora. Made from FSC plywood, these lovely Wooden Australian Gum Hangers include a collection of three iconic gum designs : Gum Leaves, Gum Nuts, and flowering Gum Nut Blossoms.

  • 3 designs x 6 each (Gum Leaves, Gum Nuts, and Gum Nut Blossoms).
  • Sizes: Approx 11 x 10cm
  • Wooden Australian Gum Hangers are made from FSC 5mm Plywood
  • Includes a 3mm pre-drilled hole for easy hanging
  • Pack includes 18 Assorted Pieces

There are lots of fun and pleasing decorative options to bring these Wooden Australian Gum Hangers to life:

  • Use EverZart Pens or Posca Markers to draw lines, dots and pattern work over the surface of the Wooden Australian Gum Hangers.
  • Collage with an assortment of papers.
  • Paint with Poster Colours, Primecolours Watercolours or Acrylic paint – use natural realistic colours and tones or choose bright abstract, and bold colour combinations.
  • Colour the Wooden Australian Gum Hangers with Slicks by Zart (Paint Sticks) for quick, clean and no fuss coverage.
  • Glaze over with Mod Podge, or Dimensional Magic for a domed, high gloss finish.
  • To hang outside, seal both sides and edges with Viponds Acrylic Glaze to make them weather proof.