Tempera Painting Station

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Ex Tax: $8.95Price: $9.85Ex Tax: $8.95Price: $9.85Ex Tax: $8.95Price: $9.85
  • Ex Tax: $8.95Price: $9.85Ex Tax: $8.95Price: $9.85Ex Tax: $8.95Price: $9.85


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Ex Tax: $8.95Price: $9.85Ex Tax: $8.95Price: $9.85Ex Tax: $8.95Price: $9.85
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Available in sets of six or eight colours, the Tempera Painting Station makes painting organised and accessible. The built-in water pot provides easy access to water and the lid ensures there are no unwanted spills. Refills in sets of 6 available for each colour. Tablet size 60mm x 19mm.

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6 colour discs in a tray, 8 colour discs in a tray, Refill 6 of 1 colour